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Special accommodation for special disease

The specialized and modern institution, sheltered accommodation of Eugenia and Leonid Pimonows Alzheimer’s Disease Support Fund is located on a picturesque bank of Kaunas Reservoir surrounded by the pine forest.

The sheltered accommodation provides a qualified care of and nursing for people with the insidious Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of senile dementia.

There are comfortable and cosy single and double rooms, showers and restrooms, that is, everything the infirm may need, in the sheltered accommodation.

At the very beginning approximately 25 patients will be accommodated and feel like home there.

Prof. Valmantas Budrys, member of the Trustee Council of the Fund: “People need such accommodations very much. It is one of the most meaningful works of the Fund. I wish the accommodation to exist long and have a good reputation, the patients to feel its warmth and everyone to be satisfied with the activity.”

Marija Vyšniauskienė, Head of the Social Services Department of Kaunas City Municipality: “The environment is wonderful! Fresh air and amazingly beautiful surroundings will contribute a lot to wellness of the patients, most probably. However, I think future staff is going to contribute most. And Kaunas City Municipality promises to cooperate.”

PI “Pimonovų fondo globos namai”
Registration Number: 302612351
Address: R. Kalantos Str. 128, Kaunas

Mobile: +37068582814